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Grow Marketing has been active for a month and during that time we have been fortunate enough to have two summer interns working with us, honing their skills in marketing, social media, pay per click and web design.

Vicky, our second intern, has a degree in digital marketing and as she has recently graduated, we invited her to join our team to learn the fundamentals of working in a marketing business, with the aim to equipping her with the day to day, practical experience needed in the workplace. Whilst Vicky is with us, we are taking the opportunity to help her become Google certified as well as hoping to assist her in the recruitment process to find a role that is suited to the skills that she learnt at University.

Grow Marketing is passionate about developing and supporting young people so that they can face the workplace with the confidence and experience that they need to succeed. Exeter University has thousands of students enrolling every year and we would love to see the city holding on to some of these people, as Exeter continues to grow into a vibrant centre for business. This also falls in line with Exeter City Council CEO, Karime Hassan’s passion for the city holding onto it’s young talent.