Sales & Marketing Consultancy

Utilise expert sales and marketing consultancy through our team…


Brand engagement

We can help your existing brand further develop into your marketplace or help you move into new marketplaces with your business. Brand recognition and engagement is vital for businesses to have a sustainable marketing plan. We can help you achieve this through your brand.

Building a brand and identity

We can help build your brand or rebrand you. With a combination of experts, we will work with you to make sure your brand design is right for your business.

Sales consultancy

With years of experience in developing business sales and coaching commerical teams, we can assist any type of business. We can increase sales efficiency by either working with your sales teams or through client engagement techniques.

Campaign management

We can manage your marketing from start to finish including managing specific campaigns for your business. We can help set up, track and improve campaigns across all platforms to make sure your message is getting to the right people.

Marketing support & training services

Many businesses have existing marketing teams that need some support from experts in new or complex areas of the industry. We offer a marketing support and training service as part of our consultancy package. We can equip marketeers in the latest techniques as well as offering on-going support to your teams through face-to-face, email and phone support. We can also help businesses to write their marketing training manuals to assist in future training.

Lead generation

It’s challenging finding new business in many industries. We can help by generating leads for your business or training your staff in lead generation. Lead generation is a time consuming process so most business like to buy leads but often the quality of the leads given is very low. We however, only generate leads based on the needs of the business and the relevance of the lead. This means all leads should be prequalified and ready to prospect.

Business development consultancy

We are always excited to help sales people develop new business and offer a business development training service that is bespoke to your industry. We can equip sales people in opening and closing techniques as well as training on basic prospecting principles and lead to sale conversion tracking.

Why hire a consultant?

Often businesses don’t always have or can’t afford the expertise of full-time staff but a consultant can come into a business and advise on thier area of experience, adding value, but without the price tag of a full-time member of staff. Consultancy is a safe way to manage problems or gain knowledge whilst maintaining a low risk to your business.

How does it work?

Essentially, you tell us what the problem is or the job that needs doing, we submit a brief recommendation of what we could do or what expertise we bring to the table on this subject and you decide whether we’re right for the job. We do this on a day rate. The cost will vary based on the number of staff assigned to the job but this will all be laid out clearly in the recommendation eg. suggested size of team and length of project. 

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