Optimising your business’ ROI through Google Adwords…

A Pay Per Click campaign can be a great tool working hand in hand with SEO.  Without optimising these correctly, they can be costly and you may not achieve the return on investment you envisaged.  We’ll help you understand the process and we’ll take you through an extensive research and planning phase and manage your campaign from start to finish.  Analytics will then be appraised and our approach will be refined to ensure long term success.

Business Objectives

It’s vital to understand your business’ objectives and have them realised in a Google Adwords campaign. Setting up and managing Google Adwords campaigns can be very time consuming and the results can sometimes be ineffective. Working with us will ensure you have campaigns that are in line with your business goals and constantly evolving as your business does.

Return On Investment

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a really effective way to get an instant response. With PPC you only pay for clicks to your ad, therefore all other ‘ad views’ are free branding. Our core objective is to reduce the ratios of views to clicks and therefore drive more clicks and ROI to your campaign. 

Research and Planning

We have an extensive research phase that will help us understand your business better and the  factors we will consider would include:

  • Competitors
  • Business goals
  • Seasonality
  • Economic conditions
  • Cashflow
  • Current and previous marketing activity
  • Many more…

We’ll then compile our research and deliver a PPC strategy that will be suited to your business needs. This will be linked to your marketing calendar and take into account your activity.

Keyword Generation

Choosing relevant and profitable keywords to bid on can be a daunting task.  We test keywords and are constantly investigating new keywords which could be better suited.  The keyword generation will be formed in the planning process where we’ll identify the most profitable keywords suited to your business objectives.  By finding your point of difference, we’ll be able to target niche keywords, reducing competition for these keywords and making campaigns more profitable.

Campaign Analysis

On a regular basis we’ll analyse your campaign’s results and work together to understand why various campaigns have been successful and how campaigns can be improved. We analyse how people engage with your ads which will constantly improve the process and reduce your cost-per-click.

PPC Ad Copywriting

Through competitor research, testing, benchmarking and the research process we’ll better understand what copy to use to help reduce cost, ensuring the best possible return on investment.

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