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Social media has become an essential part of the modern marketing mix.  Social media creates conversations between you and your clients.  It develops a relationship online that can be cultivated while clients get to understand what’s important to you and what you stand for.

Through an extensive research process we’ll help you understand what makes your business different and why people should utilise you instead of your competitors.

Profile Builds

We can start from scratch if your business doesn’t already have a social profile. Most businesses do, but we’re happy to work from the ground up if that’s what your business requires. Alteratively, we might recommend and build platforms that you’re not using in addition to any that you are. It’s good to bear in mind that each social platform can carry its own commercial merits.

Paid Social Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook are businesses in themselves so they try to make it harder for other people to market effectively without paying for advertising. With a specific and engaged audience on social media you can target very clearly and see huge results. We can optimise this through expert social media marketing and get you a quality return.

Brand Consistancy

Brand consistency on social media is as important as any other type of marketing. Your social platforms should conform to the same look and feel as any other part of your marketing. We can help keep this consistent approach using our branding experts to build and manage your social pages.


It’s clear that the more that people engage, the more will eventually move onto buy or recommend, however, the right type of engagement is key. Your brand isn’t there to be ‘click-bait’ to entertain, but to offer a service or product. The key to engagement is to look at people interacting with your brand in a real way, through brand advocacy and organic enagement, it’ not a numbers game.


Essentially your social brands should encourage growth in line with your business objectives. Therefore we aim to stick to the business’ core objectives whilst building and managing social media accounts. this will ultimately drive growth in awareness and engagement.

Research & Strategy

Research and partnership is at the core of everything we do at Grow Marketing.  Before we can know how to effectively market your business we need to understand what makes you different and why your current and potential clients would want to deal with you.

We’ll use our extensive research process to get to know you better and to develop a strategy that will engage your clients and will build long term relationships with them.

We wil use and develop a strategy for a predetermined duration. and this will be linked to your marketing calendar, your business objectives and your target audience.

Review & Content

A fresh, expert and independent viewpoint on your current social media can help you to find out how you stack up against the competition.  We will review your current social media platforms and activities and will give you strategic steps to improve them.  These steps will help you to build a larger, more targeted audience that will become more engaged and you’ll build stronger long term relationships with them.

Audiences can spot a sales pitch a mile away!  We’ll build engaging content, focused on the needs of your audience.  We’ll help you to create conversations with your audience on topics which will be valuable, entertaining and/or helpful.  Through educating and helping your audience, your business will be remembered.  Your business will be the first they think of when they’re ready to buy.

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