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MarketingSocial Media: Quality Over Quantity

Social Media: Quality Over Quantity

Written by  Aquamarine team

Businesses often ask how they can stand out on social. It’s easy to fall into the habit of posting as much as possible every day, when in fact, it’s far more effective to post better content less frequently.

But what is meant by ‘better’? Here are my top tips on creating quality content your audience will love:


It may sound obvious, but it’s so important you know who your audience is and where they are. For instance, if you’re targeting ‘Gen Z-ers’, you’re likely to need a YouTube channel – their channel of choice. All social media platforms offer analytics to provide you with crucial information on your followers, including the times they’re most active.


Create content that gets people talking – Facebook’s algorithm prefers posts which attract comments. Live video streaming is a great way to grab attention and facilitate interaction – a live Q+A session enables you to communicate directly with your consumers and gain valuable insights.


Step outside the box and post content that portrays your brand’s personality. Take a snap of your team at social events or share relatable content that shows your humorous side. Relentless marketing messages are only going to encourage your audience to look elsewhere.

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