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Blog post:

Bus Blog – Time out! 

Written by Stella Nicholls 

Rushing to catch the bus.  Rain tickles the back of my neck as I pull my hood up over my head.  Should have remembered my umbrella!  Who knew a forecast of sunshine was going to turn into drizzle? 

Just time to grab a coffee-to-go and magazine before I head to the bus stop.  Thank goodness it’s sheltered and there’s space for me on the seat. 

Peering down the road, looking out for that familiar bus shape.  The Stagecoach app says it’s on time.  I can see the progress of the bus.  Only two stops away. Thank goodness for technology! 

Climb on the bus.  Yes!  My favourite seat is vacant, the one slighter higher up above the wheel arch.   

Pop my headphones in.  What’s on the playlist today?  Ah, I know.  I’ll listen to my ‘Chill music’ playlist.  Time to relax.  The noise of other commuters is gone but I do like to listen to them sometimes.  I like to hear them chat about the everyday.  Mrs Jones has her usual hairdressing appointment booked in (she says to the man sitting behind her).   

There are some regular commuters.  People I see every day greet each other like old friends.  I prefer to sit further back and away from the conversation; although I do greet with a smile.  

 This is ‘me’ time.   

I look out through the misty window and think about the day.  It’s still raining but I’m not driving and the bus is sailing along in the bus lane.  No traffic jams here. 

My music changes to a song that reminds me of being on the beach.  I close my eyes and meditate for a few minutes, thinking of sand and sunshine.  I can almost smell sunscreen.  Yes, I can smell coconut. Oh, wait, that was someone walking past.  I wonder what body lotion they use? It smells amazing!  

Close my eyes again and let my mind wander.  Back to the day.  Mentally filing everything into place.  Time to take stock.   

Time to relax. 

Only three stops to go. 

And I’m home. 




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